Levitra – what is this medicine at all? Levitra is a medicine that contains the active substance vardenafil. This medicine is available as tablets. These tablets are orange and round. This medicine contains the active substance vardenafil in many milligrams, five, ten and twenty milligrams. Why is Levitra used? Levitra is used for erectile dysfunction. They are also called impotence in adult men. It is nothing but the inability to obtain and also maintain a male erection sufficiently to achieve satisfactory intercourse. However, for the preparation to be able to start working, sexual stimulation is needed. We must state here that this medicine is only available upon presentation of a valid prescription. How to dose Levitra? When it comes to the dosage of Levitra, it is extremely important. The recommended dose is a round ten miles grams. The same medicine can be taken independently of the meal itself. The drug should be taken twenty minutes before the planned sexual activity, and a maximum of one hour before. Levitra may note a considerable delay in starting operations. This happens when the tablet is taken with a high-fat meal. Depending on the effectiveness and side effects, the dose can be increased to a maximum dose of twenty milligrams. The lowest dose, in turn, is five miles. Patients who have kidney or liver problems should start with a minimum dose of five milligrams. The maximum recommended frequency of use is one tablet exactly daily. How does Levitra work? levitra The active substance in Levitra is vardenafil. He belongs to a group of medicines that just belong to PDE5. Vardenafil inhibits an enzyme that normally breaks down the substance completely. During normal sexual stimulation, it is produced in the cgmp penis. In it, the smooth muscles of the cavernous bodies relax. This allows for a much larger blood flow. That’s how the erection appears. Levitra will also help us restore one hundred percent normal erection. To get an erection, however, we need sexual stimulation. Of course, Levitra has been tested many times as a medicine. Studies have been performed even on patients who have become more diabetic. So there is nothing to worry about really. Long-term hard and strained penis has grown to almost symbolic among various social groups. For men themselves it is sometimes a matter of honor and even life. Literally. Without an erection, it is difficult to have a descendant, and time is usually not an ally in these matters. Levitra 20mg – New for increased potency If someone reads this article, you probably already know all home, folk and grandmother’s ways. All herbs, cold showers, workouts and massages. Ointments from the pharmacy and the quack, snake venom and beetle juice. He knows all this and either does not believe in the effectiveness of these preparations, or they simply do not work. Let’s be serious though. No one today treats genitourinary diseases with an infusion from a home medicine cabinet. Humanity lives in the age of Viagra and its like, which conquered the market of medications and sexual stimulants. These are not the times of medieval aphrodisiacs, this is the era of pharmacology. The reader of the article has probably already checked in a private window, incognito mode or Tor all opinions on every forum regarding viagra, its derivatives, substitutes, generics etc. He probably swarms and triples all these names and slogans. Probably in his hands there was more than one leaflet and more than one pharmacy on his way, so I do not have to introduce him to the world of drugs that add so-called Bed energy. No matter how many methods someone has used and how much they have read, there will always be a specific that he does not know or did not try. Levitra is such a specificity. If someone wants to discreetly improve their sleeping experience, and Viagra does not work on it or has contraindications to its use, then in this case Levitra is a great and irreplaceable idea. This is a new drug that allows people with some traditional contraindications to take these types of measures to enjoy sex. What’s in the box? The package contains orange pills. On one side should be engraved the manufacturer’s inscription “Bayer”, and on the other should be the dose of active substance, given in milligrams. If the tablet has a different appearance than this, it may mean that it comes from unknown sources, and its use may involve risks. The drug appears in Poland under several trade names, e.g. Levitra, and the patent holder is Bayer AG. The main substance that works in Levitra is Vardenafil – a chemical substance of organic origin. DIRECTIONS FOR USE AND ALSO DOSAGE LEVITRY It cannot be denied that Vardenafil 20 mg is simply Levitra. This preparation is absorbed very quickly. What’s more, as a rule, this medicine begins after about fifteen minutes to a maximum of twenty-five minutes after taking it. The effective effect of the preparation lasts about four to five hours from the moment of taking it. The average score is reached after an hour on average. We must point out that the absorption rate of Levitra decreases with the consumption of fatty food. However, food usually does not affect the pharmacokinetic properties of vardenafil. Levitra is used internally and independently of food. For the action of the preparation itself, the most sexual stimulation is needed. For Levitra to work, take the recommended dose, which is exactly ten miles. The tablet should be swallowed approximately twenty five to sixty minutes before the onset of sexual intercourse. If a positive result does not cause such a dosage, then as much as possible you can increase the dose to twenty miles. This dose is also recommended for people who are ill with partial or full removal of the prostate gland or have diabetes. If the patient is taking any other preparations, Levitra and her dose is adjusted between two and a half, and five miles grams. The recommended dose for older men aged sixty-five is exactly five miles. Your doctor will definitely increase the dose to a traditional ten-milligram. Everything depends on individual tolerance and the result of the action of the preparation Levitra. A recommended dose of the preparation also five milligrams can be intended for patients with moderate liver disorders. Certainly we must not allocate a preparation called Levitra more than once a day. The exact maximum dose of Levitra is twenty mile grams per day. WHAT IN CASE OF OVERDOSE? Of course, Levitra, like any other drug, can unfortunately be overdosed. Of course, this is not recommended. We have to reckon with the whole list of negative and side effects that appear. Certainly, these side effects include severe back pain. In overdose, supportive and symptomatic therapy is needed. However, we should not lead to this in any sense. We must be reasonable.

Let’s get acquainted with the most important information about Leviatra Vardenafili

Levitra is a drug that helps men struggling with erectile dysfunction, and its effectiveness is almost amazing, but not everyone is able to reach for it. Before you start taking the drug, you need to see a doctor, which is closely related to the list of contraindications, which are listed below. Levitra is not a medicine for you if you are allergic to Vardenafil (the active ingredient of the drug kamagra tablets) Levitra excludes the use of ritonavir as well as indinavir, as an adverse reaction in the body can occur and adverse side effects can be caused. This is a drug that should not be used by older men (70 plus) who are also taking antifungal drugs. If you have complicated liver, kidney or heart disease, Levitra is not a medicine that will allow you to return to sexuality. It should also be noted that too low or unstable pressure will also be the opposite of prescribing the drug by a doctor, because the tablets lower the pressure even more and this condition can be life-threatening for a man. Levitra is not intended for men in the family who have been diagnosed with vision loss. In addition, patients with heart problems, and above all irregular heart rhythms, as well as men whose penis shape is not classic (deformations) must be on guard. Gastric ulcers or blood coagulation disorders do not preclude taking the drug, however, you should closely watch the man with such ailments and regularly monitor his health. Levitra, just like any other strong drug for erectile dysfunction, is able to cause side effects that in some men will be more intense and tormenting than in others, it is worth bearing this in mind, and in case of great discomfort it is recommended to give up therapy and return to natural methods. Let’s remember that look Everyone has heard about Levitra. We need to know that drugs for erectile dysfunction, such as Levitra, are the most counterfeited medicines on the web. When we come across a counterfeit medicine, we can really be in great danger. We definitely recommend using proven pharmacies. Then we deal with the original commodity. As for Levitra, we should remember what these tablets look like. They really are very characteristic. They are orange. They are also round. On one side of the tablet is the inscription “Bayer” and on the other a specific dose. The main thing is to look at the details. The dose must be given in milligrams. Each tablet can only be known by the appearance whether they are original. Storing Levitra – what should it look like? In addition to the originality of the drug, the issue of drug storage is also very important. Certainly we will find all the important information in the leaflet. The agent must be stored in a place that is inaccessible to children. Moreover, it must be a dry place at room temperature. The temperature should be between fifteen and thirty degrees exactly. The storage area should also be dark. And how with other preparations? We certainly have doubts – can I use other preparations in parallel with Levitra? It must not be used with P-450. We do not recommend parallel use of preparations used for HIV infection. Also, do not mix Levitra with grapefruit juice. All wrong and risky connections lead to side effects as well as side effects. We would rather avoid both. It is not a good idea to take blockers at the same time. Then we must be tempted to contact a doctor immediately. Are we safe to use Levitra? The appearance of erectile dysfunction is a big blow from the very beginning. We also have doubts whether Levitra is safe at all. In fact, we are worried about our health and our lives in some cases. Let us also consider everything that our doctor suggests. It is important to listen to the doctor and to write everything in the leaflet. Let us remember that we only do it for our own good. Let’s take care of our lives as well as our health. We must bear this in mind.

Levitra – a drug that has changed so much

Levitra has given millions of people the chance to continue a successful sex life – a sphere so important to health. Thanks to her, men who had to forget about sex properly due to the inexorable passage of time or illness began to practice it again. How did it all start? The beginning of the story takes place in the 1980s. In 1980, the American biochemist Robert Francis Furchgott discovered a substance called EDRF responsible for the expansion and relaxation of blood vessels. He also managed to determine that EDRF is formed in their endothelial cells. However, six years later it turned out that it was nothing else than nitric oxide (NO) – previously considered a gaseous metabolic product that did not fulfill any useful roles in the body. The discovery of the role of nitric oxide turned out to be a breakthrough in the treatment of coronary heart disease – for decades the main cause of death in Western society. It results from the narrowing of the lumen of blood vessels due to the accumulation of atherosclerotic plaques in them, which is why finding a substance that expands them has enabled effective treatment of the disease, and thus saving the lives of millions of people around the world. Thanks to him, among others, use nitroglycerin in patients, which is converted to NO after administration. In 1998, Furchgott and his colleagues received the Nobel Prize for their discoveries. Viagra – from the heart to orgasm Meanwhile, in 1985, researchers from the pharmaceutical company Pfizer decided to start work on a drug for heart failure and hypertension – one that would cause the expansion of blood vessels and lowering blood pressure. The achievements of Robert Furchgott, and especially the explanation of the role of nitric oxide announced in 1986 caused interest in the operation of this gas in the human body. Researchers from Pfizer also began a series of hundreds of tests. They focused largely on the relationship between nitric oxide and other substances that are responsible for the relaxation of blood vessels and muscles. No one expected then that the fruit of these efforts would be a drug of such great importance for a different area of ​​the human body than just coronary vessels. Until 1990, hundreds of substances that could interact with nitric oxide were tested in Pfizer’s laboratories to achieve the greatest therapeutic effect in coronary heart disease. Eventually, the one coded under the mysterious number UK-92 480, intended for further testing, was later designated as sildenafil. In 1991, Pfizer underwent clinical trials in healthy volunteers. They proved the safety of the drug – the subjects did not report any deterioration of their well-being or other ailments. Volunteers after 10 days began to report completely unexpected effects – frequent and stronger erections. How does viagra work? To understand how viagra works, you first need to explain what UK-92 480, or sildenafil, has to do with nitric oxide. This is a very interesting connection, the discovery of which was possible thanks to a better understanding of the effects of NO. Nitric oxide is produced by the inner layer (endothelium) of the blood vessels of the arteries, and then quickly spreads to the muscle cells. Their contraction is thus turned off. The result is a widening of the lumen of blood vessels. In this way, NO controls blood pressure and prevents blood clots. However, it turned out that nitric oxide is also formed in nerve cells. It works (through a complicated biochemical reaction) on neurons, increasing the concentration of the substance designated as cGMP in them. It is a nucleotide that relaxes the smooth muscles of the cavernous bodies, of which the penis is largely built. Thanks to the relaxation of the muscles, the blood can flow freely. In contrast, cGMP has its natural “enemy” in the body, that is, the enzyme labeled PDE-5 that degrades cGMP, which reduces the level of this important nucleotide. Of course, this is a necessary process for the body, but in the case of erectile dysfunction stopping it (at least when the patient wants to have sex) allows you to maintain a higher level of cGMP, and therefore erection and maintenance. During sexual arousal, nerve cells begin to produce nitric oxide. This, in turn, activates a certain enzyme responsible for the transformation of GMP (present in smooth muscles) into cGMP, that is to this salutary nucleotide responsible for relaxation of cavernous smooth muscles. The basis of the drug developed by Pfizer (sildenafil) scientists is the PDE-5 inhibitor (the “enemy” of the PDE-5 enzyme), which is a substance that significantly inhibits the enzyme. As a result, the cGMP level may remain high enough, which gave the effect that Pfizer scientists originally wanted – relaxation of blood vessels. However, cGMP also acts on the smooth muscles of the cavernous bodies, which is also beneficial for erections. Nitric oxide formed in nerve cells during excitement can work freely. Levitra license in 6 months After the unusual side effects of volunteers in Pfizer research, scientists began to consider the use of sildenafil (later called viagra) in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Interestingly, in further analyzes of the usefulness of the drug in the prevention of angina, it turned out that it is not very effective in this sphere. Pfizer researchers have only focused on treating patients with erectile dysfunction in testing Viagra. Tests began in 1993 and lasted until 1996. Viagra proved safe. Information on the research has made its way to the public. Patients, their partners, partners as well as doctors were looking forward to the release of the drug on the market. Scientists have made a huge effort to get a license as soon as possible. From submitting the application (in 1997) to obtaining it (in 1998), the world waited only 6 months. Within just three months of the appearance of viagra in pharmacies, doctors wrote out almost 3 million prescriptions.

Levitra – should there be a prescription?

Levitra- the most important information about the drug Viagra is a legendary drug that is extremely popular. It contains sildenafil in its composition. Viagra is responsible for the inflow of blood to the penis. This is done by blocking the fifth type photodiesterase enzyme. During sexual arousal, the effect of nitric oxide on smooth muscles increases. In turn, they undergo diastole, which leads to an influx of blood to specific parts of the penis. All this, in consequence, causes an erection. Who should take viagra? Viagra is recommended for men who complain of erectile dysfunction that is caused by their inability to maintain or obtain it. For viagra to work properly, there must be sexual arousal. How do you dose viagra? Viagra is a medicine that should be used by adult men every 24 hours at a dose of about 50 milligrams. The drug should be taken about an hour before the planned sexual intercourse. If necessary, the dose can be increased to 100 milligrams, however it should be remembered that this is the maximum daily dose. The dose can also be reduced to 25 milligrams if needed. Should viagra be prescription? ViagraViagra appeared without a prescription in Poland in May 2016, but only at a dose of 25 milligrams. All other tablets with a higher dose can only be bought with a prescription. At first, Viagra’s interest was relatively low. In 2017, sales of this drug increased significantly. The decision to make viagra 25 milligrams available without a prescription was based on the opinions of experts in fields such as cardiology and psychiatry from the medicinal product commission, as well as on the basis of consultation with a national sexology consultant. Experts argued that viagra is a safe enough drug to be bought without consulting a doctor. Thanks to this decision, men do not have to go to the doctor for a prescription – they can buy viagra at the pharmacy. Viagra for women When it comes to sex, you usually think that men are privileged in many ways. And there is something to it: they retain their reproductive skills for longer, and even if they do not plan parenthood, they enjoy the joy of unfettered sex without support. And when it’s needed – they just reach for it. They do not experience the unpleasant effects of hormonal changes that women have to deal with, they are not afraid of unplanned pregnancy, they also do not complain about the lack of libido for a long time. And just about the last issue, someone finally thought about women: in the US, where every 10th woman complains about the lack of willingness to take on the market, the drug Vyleesi – the only synthetic aphrodisiac that aims to increase libido (is used for both dysfunction in women and men). The specificity is applied in the form of an injection and is prescribed primarily to women in the pre-menopausal period. Viagra for women – how it works The launch of the drug was preceded by detailed research. Volunteers were tested using the right drug and placebo – the results left no doubt: 25% of women who took Vyleesi noticed an increase in libido, while in the group of those who received a placebo, only 17% of volunteers indicated such results. A large group, as much as 35%, indicated an improvement in well-being by reducing stress levels (only 31% in the placebo group). However, this was not without side effects – volunteers subjected to the test complained of headaches and indigestion. In addition to the fact that the drug intended to increase libido in pre-menopausal women has crazy hopes for improving the quality of sex life of those concerned, there are also many controversies and skepticism among medical circles: members of the National Women’s Health Network believe that research on Vyleesi is not detailed enough and therefore authoritative. What’s more, the fact that problems with libido in women are not always the same is getting louder and louder, therefore throwing them all into the proverbial one bag does not guarantee the success of the therapy – this should be carried out individually.